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Embark on a journey of vocal artistry with our specialized Voice Lessons in San Francisco. Our esteemed music academy offers a unique educational experience for students of all ages and abilities.

From beginners to advanced vocalists, our Voice Lessons in San Francisco are tailored to support your individual growth.

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Premier Voice Lessons in San Francisco

We are deeply committed to nurturing your passion for music. In San Francisco, our voice lessons are designed to inspire singers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are just beginning or are already an experienced vocalist, our expert teachers are here to guide you in your musical journey.

Personalized Learning Experience

The individuality of each student is at the heart of our voice lessons in San Francisco. Our educators spend time understanding your goals and tailor lessons to meet your specific needs. By focusing on both vocal theory and practical application, you'll progress at a pace that's comfortable for you.

A Comprehensive Approach

At Arabesque Conservatory, we adopt a comprehensive approach to music education. Our curriculum covers a range from classical to contemporary vocal genres, providing a well-rounded musical education. You'll learn music reading, understand vocal theory, and develop the technical skills necessary for vocal excellence.

Learn from the Best in San Francisco

Our faculty at Arabesque Conservatory is outstanding. Each instructor has a profound background in music and a passion for teaching that's truly motivating. They are more than just teachers; they are mentors who will support and guide you in every step of your musical path.

Be Part of a Vibrant Musical Family

Joining Arabesque Conservatory means becoming part of a vibrant community of music lovers. We frequently host recitals, workshops, and events, creating opportunities for you to showcase your vocal talents and connect with other musicians.

What students and parents say

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"Top notch private music lessons! The amount of stuff my daughter learned in just the first lesson alone was staggering and more than many kids might learn in an entire year. Highly Recommended."
Kyle Wittlin
Parent (Google Review)
"I haven't touched a piano in many years and was very nervous to get back into it. But Arabesque Conservatory of Music helped me get my confidence back into playing the piano again."
Kyle Lee Durich
Student (Google Review)
"I had an exceptional experience as a piano student at Arabesque Conservatory of Music. Val, my teacher, is truly the best – their expertise, patience, and passion for teaching made my learning journey enjoyable and rewarding."
Batel Zimerman
Student (Google Review)
My daughter has been taking lessons at Arabesque Conservatory for four years. In very short period of time my daughter started playing much harder pieces and winning many prizes at numerous national and international competitions.
Laura Tu
Parent (Google Review)
"My older son Johnny is five years old now. He took four piano lessons with Mr. Gervais. Johnny could play three songs by read the symbol. Johnny loves Mr. Gervais. We love him too. He is amazing!"
Li Mi
Parent (Google Review)
"My experience with this business has been very positive! I was connected to a wonderful piano teacher who is super knowledgeable and sweet with my two daughters age 8 and 10."
Desiree Ghalili
Parent (Google Review)

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our San Francisco piano lessons
Do you offer voice lessons for all ages in San Francisco?
Absolutely, we offer both in-home and voice lessons in San Francisco for students of all ages, from 5 years old to adults.
How long are voice lessons?
Our voice lessons, available in both online and in-home formats in San Francisco, are structured to last either 45 or 60 minutes. We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of our students.
What is your cancellation policy for voice lessons?
For cancellations, we request a 24-hour notice. Recognizing the unpredictability of San Francisco's traffic and daily challenges, we provide make-up lessons based on our instructors' availability.
Can parents attend their child's voice lessons?
Parents are invited to observe their children's voice lessons, as we believe in the importance of family involvement. This also gives parents a chance to understand our teaching methods and practice strategies.
What styles of voice do you teach in San Francisco?
Our curriculum covers a variety of musical styles, including classical, jazz, pop, and more, reflecting the diverse musical landscape of San Francisco.
How do you match voice instructors with students?
We carefully match instructors with students, considering the student's vocal interests, goals, and learning style, and we prioritize hiring teachers with comprehensive education and extensive teaching experience.
Is an instrument required at home for taking lessons?
While voice students don't need an instrument like a piano or guitar, having access to one can be beneficial for practice. We can assist in recommending local San Francisco stores for renting or purchasing these instruments.
How does billing work?
Tuition fees are billed on a per-four-lesson basis, or per-four-week basis for those attending multiple lessons per week. Payments are initially processed via Zelle, then through credit card or bank account transactions.
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